Tucker Bowling



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AMF Parts

Roller Clutch Kits just $35.95 ea.

Premium Roller Clutch Kits just $75.95 ea.

Brunswick Parts

Part #Part DescriptionUnit Price
12-862070A2 Gearbox Assy W/Detector (Scotch Yoke)$1,500.00
12-8620651 to 1 Assy$475.00
12-8620742 to 1 Assy (Scotch Yoke)$350.00
12-8628634 to 1 Assy$300.00
12-862038A2 Detector Assy$400.00
12-502105A2 Curve Ball Track$125.00
12-502115A2 Straight Ball Track$125.00
12-300131Lower Pit Frame Assy$150.00